Kids are back to school this month! Try this in their lunches - obviously paired with bento style lunchboxes. 

Chicken Katsu 

  • 1/2 Chicken breast, sliced into strips and hammered flat

  • 1/2 Cup milk

  • 1 Egg, scrambled

  • 1/4 to 1/2 Cup rice flour

  • 1 Cup panko breadcrumbs

  • Oil to fry

Spicy Mayo

  • 1/4 Cup mayo,

  • 2 Tbsp sriracha,

  • Cayenne pepper, sprinkle

Sushi Rice

  • 2 Cups white rice, cooked

  • 1/3 Cup seasoned rice vinegar,

  • 1 Tsp white sugar,

  • 1, 3 Inch piece of Kombu

  • Salt & Pepper


  • 2 Small avocados or 1 large, sliced

  • 4 Nori wraps 



  1. Hammer chicken flat, and place into a bowl with salt, pepper, and milk. Let sit for 1 hour to marinate

  2. Place your rice flour, scrambled egg, and panko breadcrumbs each into individual bowls. Place egg bowl into the fridge for the time being.

  3. Combine your mayo, sriracha, and sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Mix and place in fridge to cool. 

  4. Combine rice vinegar, white sugar, and a dash of salt. Stir and set aside for later use.

  5. Wash rice thoroughly. Once washed place your Kombu on top and cook rice until completed. Cook your katsu chicken while rice is cooking. 

  6. Drain your chicken from the milk and place into your rice flour and coat thoroughly. Next, dip into the egg mixture and finally coat in the panko.

  7. Fry your chicken katsu in a pan with a little bit of oil until golden brown. Remove from pan and drain excess oil from the chicken onto a paper towel. 

  8. Once your rice is cooked, place into a large 9x13 in pan (glass preferred) add your vinegar mixture to the rice, pouring all around and in gentle cutting motions, stir and cut your rice to mix the vinegar in. This also allows the rice to cool. 

  9. Now you're ready to wrap your sushi!

  10. Place nori paper onto your sushi mat shiny side down, and add 1/2 cup of rice per nori sheet.

  11. Spread evenly to the edges just a little over 2/3rds of your nori paper. Leave the remaining nori uncovered in rice away from you.

  12. Place chicken and avocado (or anything else you wish! Cucumber, Carrot, Lettuce) at the beginning of the roll

  13. Tightly wrap your sushi roll pinching your ingredients to create a tight roll and place in fridge. Once firmed, cut into slices and serve with the spicy mayo. Perfect to add into kids lunchboxes or work snacks for the week! 

Warning you now, there are a few dishes to clean up afterwards but wow is it DELICIOUS when it's done. Besides... that's what dishwashers are for!