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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

We're excited to unveil the new 2019 products developed at sistema! Take a sneak peak below at the new product developed by sistema - OR give us a bell to talk about branding and customisation to make a product truly yours!

What have we got?!

As Brandright/Sistema Promotional, we love to get all the new sistema products rolling out the factory 'kitchen' and show them off! From new Cooler Bags, Bottles, Lunchboxes, and more.... reach for the staple items that all NZ'ers know and love.... or spice it up with these new and creative products that can dazzle and amaze.

Want to see?

Get in touch to see the new brochures of the sistema promotional products. Or talk to us about getting a quote and visual on exactly what you want!

Customise? YES!

Brand? Definitely!

Custom Colours? Oooohh now we're talking.... that's the fun stuff!

Don't forget why it's the best!

  1. High Quality

  2. New Zealand Made

  3. BPA & Phthalate Free

  4. Reusable & long lasting

  5. Functional & fun

You know the brand that New Zealanders love and trust - so use it to push YOUR business.