Hey, it's Summer! 

Relax and enjoy a cool drink

in the sun....!

Kiwi Mojito Pitcher 

  • 10-12 kiwi fruit

  • Juice from 1-2 limes

  • ½ cup simple syrup or sugar, adjust to taste

  • 30mls  to 45mls of rum per person (optional)

  • 115 grams of mint leaves

  • 2 cups sparkling water, add more to taste 

( You can also use sparkling lemonade (reduce the amount of sugar or simple syrup if using sparkling lemonade)

  • Ice


  • Kiwi slices 

  • Mint leaves

  • Sugar for cocktail glasses 



  1. Peel and cut 6-8 kiwi fruit into halves or quarters.  

  2. Place the peeled kiwi pieces in a blender or small food processor with the simple syrup/sugar, lime juice, and some mint leaves.

  3. Pulse until you have coarse puree.

  4. If all the drinks will have alcohol, in a large pitcher, mix the kiwi puree with the rum, you can start by adding a lower amount and then adjust as you taste the final drink. Note - If not everyone is drinking alcohol... just omit the rum from the pitcher to allow people to mix their own. 

  5. Add some ice cubes, mint leaves, and kiwi slices to the pitcher mix. 

  6. Add the sparkling water or sparkling lemonade, stir gently and taste. 

  7. If in glasses - moisten the rims of the glasses with a slice of lime and garnish the rims with the regular sugar.  OR even better -  pour into the sistema tritan tumblers for a spill free evening,

Show this off with friends and family with a BBQ and enjoy and long Summer night...!