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Intrepid 800ml Bottle

"Introducing our 800ml aluminum bottle, crafted for both convenience and sustainability. This BPA-free bottle features a secure screw-on lid, ensuring your beverages stay fresh and spill-free. The lid is designed with a finger-sized carry handle and a sturdy carabiner, allowing you to effortlessly attach it to your bag or backpack. Please note that this product is not dishwasher safe; we recommend handwashing for best results, ensuring its longevity and performance.

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"Customize your bottles with our versatile branding options! Choose from three distinct methods: Pad Print, Rotary Screen Print, and Rotary Digital Print. Each method offers a unique way to showcase your logo and message, ensuring your brand stands out. Whether you prefer the precision of Pad Print, the vibrancy of Rotary Screen Print, or the intricate detail of Rotary Digital Print, we have the perfect solution to make your brand shine.

Pad printing transfers images using a silicone pad from a laser-etched plate. It's popular and cost-effective, ideal for branding uneven or curved items, and can print multiple colors in one go.

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Rotary Screen Printing uses a fine mesh screen and a squeegee to force ink onto products. It's great for cylindrical items and offers vibrant, detailed prints.

Direct-to-product rotary digital printing transfers UV ink and varnish using inkjet print heads. It creates detailed, glossy artwork with spot colors and full-color branding.

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