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Introducing our premium New Zealand-made refillable water bottle, designed for Organizations of all sizes seeking both style and sustainability. Crafted with care, this bottle is BPA-free, ensuring that your hydration is both safe and environmentally friendly. What sets this bottle apart is its customizable features, allowing you to personalize it with embossing and a range of vibrant colors. Whether you're team is hiking through the lush landscapes of New Zealand or simply staying hydrated on in traffic, this refillable water bottle is the perfect companion for your team's daily adventures.



Our Signature 390 bottle is available in 10 vibrant standard colors, with the added option of creating a custom hue tailored to match your brand's identity flawlessly.

Get your logo printed with perfect detail using our 4-color screen printing option!

Make your mark with personalized embossed panels, adding a unique touch to your bottles that truly reflects your brand.

Latest 390 Projects

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